Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Glimpse of Madappura

It was the "Chenda drums sound" beating inside me,  The sound was getting closer as in when I was walking to the Madappura. I could see the Chemparathy thara and the Banana stem on it with fire. A red masked face with a heavy crown was scary for me.

Oh God, Please take care of my family and the world, I was praying when the Theyyam was running around the thara and in front of the Shrine. I do not know whether I was afraid of the entire atmosphere, or the human form of God. Someone told me that the God would punish people. Immediately, the Theyyam turned to my side, I tried to hide behind my saree of my aunt. I just prayed, I have no desires, everything is left to you, GOD.

But when I grew, I realized that the God wouldn't punish people who are not hurting others. But why I was scared of this human God? The Communist in me was up at the teenage. I realized that I was just blindly following the stories I heard in my childhood.

Memories passed when I am seeing  the old Muthappan temple & kaavu. Today I am sitting under the Pala trees which are crossed each other like a pair.  I do not know why I became an atheist and turned against all these cultural activities.

I feel guilty for being a part of the crowd who didn't support to promote our culture.Years before the young blood made me to think that these were stupid rituals, rather It didn't allow me to see the artistic value or the cultural value in it. I felt, I was conservative in the process of blaming others that they were conservative by praying to the Human form of God.


  1. Realizations as time progresses ? Maybe we 'll feel current thoughts are wrong some time later..

    just kidding.. good article..

    palappovinte sugandham parakkunna nilavulla rathriyil aanoe.. karkoonthal azhichu nee athinte chottil irunnathu ?

    - Manu

  2. "" Kumarettaaa" enna viliyumaayi... lol...

  3. kumaretta chunnaambundo ennathinu pakaram , "oru peg vodka undo , thanukkunnu" ennaayirunnille ?

  4. Athu Kumarettaa nayi neee vannalll... ethu Yakshiyum chodikkum

  5. And on a side track , I liked the realization . All these rituals were not written in any holy books , they were simply added by some one at some time . And people just kept on blindly reiterating/adding their versions to it . So the realization still stands good !
    PS : Halloween varatte , njaan vere oraale ayachekkaam kumarettanaayi !

  6. aluvakkarikkentha pettennu theyyathinodum,theyyatharayodum oru premam.
    ini kannur kkar aluva sivaratri manalpurathe kurichu ezhuthumo aavo?

  7. nice feel dear... u conveyed wat u were trying to !!! way to go... :)