Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Unhidden

I am going mad, Even after being in a prolonged lonely life; I cannot stay alone even for a minute now.

Emotions which was kept away from me is coming back;
Why am I crying? Why am I feeling sad? Why am I feeling depressed? - I kept my sadness away from me. Now it is back. I feel pity for old people; my mind is asking to go and help in old age homes & orphanages. Rise of my hidden charity work!!! I just want to see my mom and say many thanks.She is just awesome.

When you know that cannot eat the food you loved most,  you cannot wear the dresses you bought, Or you realize that your beauty is going away, You can't buckle your jeans, There is something unhidden.

The Unhidden truth is hiding inside my womb;
Yes  I am Pregnant!!!


  1. Nithya Congrats This is really a great news -- Prabir