Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dance of her life

Is it...
The steps of a triumph of her beautiful life,
The steps with the new rhythm in her life,
The steps when it sees the terminus,
The steps by the ecstasy on the new stage?

Is she...
Dancing with the rhythm of her anklet,
Dancing with the fear of an uncertainty,
Dancing like a peacock for the God of Rain,
Dancing to forget and enjoy the moment?


  1. Is it..

    the frame selected for painting,
    the focus of the shot away from the feet,
    the lighting for the shot,
    the set and props filled by bangles?

    but loved it.. gud one !

  2. It is ..
    The steps on the idea of a long break from office
    The steps on of the prospect of meeting a tall dark stranger
    The steps on the chance of a fun filled vacation and
    Yeah on the event of getting hitched !