Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kudachadri- Travelogue

Divine Power of the Goddess of Nature, Kudachadri is place you can feel and see it. I was just wondering How Sri Sankaracharya had reached at the peak of the mountain!!! We reached the powerful temple at hill top and completed rituals. Our next aim was to reach the peak of the mountain. The weather was pleasant when we started, but it was drizzling on the way to the "Peedam" and Guha ganapathi. Long trecking made my my parents gave up in between. My sister and I kept the momentum to reach the Guha Ganapathi and further more. A person who loves silence won't feel like coming back, It was just awesome. Mookambika, a temple for Vidya, where anyone can enter and worship devi without no caste or religion barrier. As Vidya is offered to everyone equally, so is the blessings of Goddess of Vidya. Power of Mookambika Saraswathy devi, I do not have any words to express it. We had gone inside the temple about 4 times. I didn't feel like coming back.The dedication and admiration of the "Poojaris" to the temple,That makes the people feel the Divine power.


  1. Hi Nithya,

    Cool ! ! Great way of expressing you experience.

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar. M

  2. I envy you for this one .. for obvious reasons ;-)

  3. One reason is that second snap posted here .. ;-)