Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Follower of Go GREEN

Yes!!! I am also a part of Go Green initiative. I am proud to say and convey to the world. Today I did it When I did shopping for groceries at foodworld. I was so proud to say in front of the long queue of the people behind, STOP ! I have a bag with me. Please fill the items in it. I do not need any more bags, If you need bags I can return all the bags I had collected from foodworld till now. They can reuse those ones. First step to Go Green. I used to blame public and government whenever seeing the plastic without decomposed in drainage or inside soil. Being a part of the public why can't I start taking initiative from my side? "Saving Trees... Saving Soil... Saving our lives..."


  1. cool one... I am always for it.

    Tips for 'Go Green':
    *Try avoiding plastic bags as it is mentioned already.
    *Signals, switch of the engine hence save a lil petrol.
    *Gather unwanted things in a cover when your travelling by car, throw it in the dustbin.Do not litter ;-)
    *Do not waste Paper cups @ office [as we spend major time in office ;-)]
    *Use stair case as much as possible, good for your health and time saving...
    * Make sure to switch off your monitor/desk lights when you leave for the day.
    * Shut Down your PC (at-least one which you would not be using during weekends) on the last day of the week.
    * Do not leave e-wastage (Battery, CDS, cell phones, any electronic items, etc) with normal garbage and go for recycling options (You can bring such e-wastage in the office and dump it into e-wastage bins.
    *Install (CFLs) when your older incandescent bulbs burn out.
    *Try Car pooling whenever possible to save natural resources, money and time.
    *Bring a reusable water bottle, any metal(aluminium as it is light weight) rather than plastic, with you when traveling or at work
    *Try using water filter to purify tap water instead of buying bottled water. I agree we might not be able to manage without it while travelling. Can try taking the big water Can ;-) atleast when u take ur car.
    *Try planting some trees if you have space or atleast have some pots with small plants.

    I will try adding more tips in future :-)

    I try and follow all the above and i think we could all follow the same whenever possible.

    Check this out :

    also this one :

    Go Green...

  2. the best tips ever for go green...

    -- always wear green dress
    -- repaint your car, house and everything you can.. give them a green color.
    -- Dash wen you see the traffic signals 'go green'

    --more tips to follow.

  3. hey Chackos(as the id says)...

    We are all ready to follow your tips if u already following it like a telugu film hero...


    But I am happy that people read this 'Go Green' blog to be aware of it atleast.


  4. hey priya, if you are ready to follow, I am there to lead you! I have more such 'go green' tips with me.. lol.

    Anyway - I appreciate that you are following those stated above, out of which I have a small difference of opinion on turning off the engine at signals. There are basically 2 school of thought of which one is what you told. Another is that, it is at the time of starting, that the vehicle is emiting the maximum carbon to the atmos and startingt the engine require more energy that just sitting idle.

    And the A/C will be using more power afterwards to cool the entire car all over again. so, thats a bigger waste than keeping the engine idle ( keep the gears in neutral and keep your legs away from acclerator and brake ) - use hand breaks if you fear that the car will move :)

    - I hope that makes sense.

  5. hmmm... so it all depends on the time gap in signal and if we use a 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler and wether it is emision tested(if its gonna emit more carbon like an auto then u need not swich the engine off). all the above wud contribute to the deciding factor.

  6. Hi Nithya,

    Thats great ! !
    Everyone should "Go Green & Save the Globe From Pollution"
    Keep Reocking ! ! !

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar. M