Sunday, July 19, 2009

Unforgettable Reward :)

A memorable day in my life which took me back to my school days, with those enthusiastic innocent spirits. Small things in one's life can make big changes. I felt it today. How a Professor can change the way you see the world!!! I experienced it. How a person can make him unforgettable in other life!!! I saw that. Even after being naughty in the class without realizing how insulting and offensive it could be to the Professor, he just expressed it to me in a very polite manner the effort he had put in the class room and begged my attention. My throat dried , face got pale by guilty. The prof demanded respect there!!! I loved it. Rewards, a Pat on the shoulder makes a person more confident. He made it practical today in class. I got an envelope from him which I value more than millions of Dollar. It made me realize how enthusiastic I have to be in the classes and woke me up for the upcoming sessions. I was seeing smile and happiness from class room technicians (who set up and support our class room control system) while receiving small gifts from the Professor.I am sure no one would have given them this much respect in their life. I learnt from you how to recognize people and make them smile from you, Sir. The positive energy he spread all around made me to visualize my life in different angle and feel things as gifts of GOD. Thank you Sir. Though I do not talk much,I observe and learn a lot from others, from their actions and responses. I believe always that I can learn something from others, however good or bad that person is. My learning from Prof Raj is immeasurable.
Prof Raj Sharman is from (SUNY, Buffalo, NewYork)


  1. wow!! Expressing a view is an art, ya got 9/10.. Good One. - Hemant Narsinghani

  2. Hi Nithya,

    Good one ! ! Your way of expressing your thoughts are great.. Keep Reocking ! ! !

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar. M

  3. Same here!! I too felt the same!!
    He is a nice man!!
    i liked the ploicy of jumping into the 3 worlds he talked about.. It was a nice session..