Monday, July 20, 2009

First Blog Inspiration

I should thank my friend Vinod, we call him as Chacko, who gave me the idea of blogging today when I was in a good mood to write, Chacko, I know him for more than 10 years now, Can't believe it!!! How fast time is going, Still we keep the warmth of our teenage friendship. I can shout, scream, talk any nonsense to him. Our gang is not together now. But I am sure you guys might be reading and recollecting the memories of our Basket ball court gathering...UCC class rooms.


  1. hi nithya
    its nice to see u started writing blogs ... super ma ... keep writing ... all the best ma ...

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  2. Nithya, what a co incident, I too started writing a blog on last sunday, but I did not publish it yet, you did it great. Keep going all the best.

    About the blog, yes those memories will never come back, I try to match those memories in our recent class, but no one is there to enjoy like the old college life. Because we work and study so no time to enjoy.


  3. buhahaha :)

    I have never able keep justice to my blog! I keeps lazy all the time :)

    Hope you wont follow me there also!!


  4. hehe I have killed my blog ........ But so good to see ur words Nitya .. way to go

  5. And look , we 2 are the only ones smiling there in the pic .. baaki kilavan boranmaar :-)