Sunday, October 24, 2010


Frames! I wish I could capture beautiful and interesting moments at very minutes of life, the life what I see in front of me. Many times I was under great regret for not capturing the moments because of not carrying the camera rather being lazy to take the camera out due to some hesitation in front of the public around.

A night of me driving back to home late night at 2 AM after a tiring day at work. It was too good weather with a drizzle after a heavy rain. Rain gave me goosebumps always and that day too. A bunch of Dragon Fies or Rainy Flies were amassing under the yellow street light where the small droplets of drizzle were having shiny golden sparkles. I wanted to come back to the same place by taking my camera. But I do not know whether it was too late or my tiredness stopped me. I missed a rare and beautiful sight.

That was an interesting sight. About 5-10 people sleeping under an old truck."Inhabitants Of A Truck"; wherever they can park the truck, that place become their heaven. I see these people happily sleeping under the shades of the truck and I really envy them for that. I always wanted to talk to them and understand their feeling and capture their life. But again I was scared of their reaction. One day I decided to take my camera with all courage. I was scared to stop my car near by and take the snap. I drove 1 km ahead and again convinced myself and immediately took a U turn. I was really happy when I got the shot which was haunting me for 2 weeks.

There are many interesting incidents that I missed, If I could rewind my life and capture in my frames!!!


  1. Good one..
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    A writer/blogger inspired by your blog :)

  2. hmmmm good one, n de pic completes it !!!! :)