Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Collage

Someone said "A good cigar is like a sexy chick" ...  Well, I do agree.. I am enjoying my last puff looking at the cigarette butts on the floor.

"It was like a movie. I chose whomever I felt like", recollecting my life ever since my adolescence. When the time came to choose one for my life, I don't know why I was not able to choose one among them. I was afraid whether they knew my character rather I would lose the fun. It might be again my selfish nature that I would find more fun with a new young and innocent girl.

"I never wanted to commit to anyone.But now I am getting committed to a girl whom my parents selected. Whenever I see one at office, one's orkut profile or the other one's messages, I really do not know how to respond though I enjoyed the most with them two months back."

I am searching for a cigarette to control my emotions rather my restlessness. My engagement ring is shining but it reminds me a police cuff.

My mobile beeped with a vibration; An innocent goodnight message from "My Girl". I  know she is also locked by her parents or scared to express herself due to the society and family bonds...

I realized that I need to wait...


  1. i dont understand a word.... may be generation gap???

  2. it is pretty simple. read it as if a young guy telling about his feelings ... :)

    It might be the problem of my style of writing.. :(

  3. i think there is an empathy conflict in this....

  4. Empathy Conflict- Might be possible. Well I m woman and I m not that sure about a man's thought process. All these are just imaginations.

  5. anyways like your photography and your style of writing dear.....

  6. Good one.. a friend of mine suggested your blog.. and reading through it, i feel that it is one of the best suggestions given by her :). Its so good that it inspired me to start writing myself :)